Welcome the Danylo Kurliak Foundation for the health, safety and wellbeing of the Ukrainian youth

Danylo Kurliak

Dear friends,

The tragic event that resulted in the loss of Danylo Kurliak one year ago in a summer camp of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, was deeply painful for us and made us reflect on the priorities of our society and how we envision the future of our young people.

The current economic situation in Ukraine makes it difficult to achieve the safety standards for installations of other European nations. This gap is even more visible if we compare the disparity of working opportunities young people have just by crossing borders.

With this in mind, we decided to work towards making a small dent in society and help young people improve the safety of their everyday environment and give them tools for the future.

My previous experience leading emergency response efforts in the oil and gas industry puts me in a good spot to kickstart an effort in health and safety systems. As a technologist, I like to think that technology will shape the world for the better. Talent is available in every country and nowadays an internet connection can be used to reduce inequalities between countries, creating a level playing field for all who can connect.

Argentinian — Ukrainian organization

After several months of work, I am very pleased to announce the creation of the Danylo Foundation for the health, safety and wellbeing of the Ukrainian youth. We are a small team of highly motivated volunteers from Argentina and Ukraine willing to make an impact.

The Argentinian branch of the foundation is commiting to USD $35,000 from our own savings (UAH 1,000,000 approximately at the time of writing) for its first two years of existence to bootstrap the organization and finance a pilot program to teach technology skills.

The funds will be initially managed by its founding members: Marcelo and Khrystyna Ruiz de Olano, and will be later transferred to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) managed and controlled transparently by its members.

Anyone willing to collaborate with their time or funds will be a member and will be able to influence the decisions for its direction through on-chain voting.

Our call to action

The first effort of the project will focus on establishing ties with youth institutions like schools, summer camps and sports clubs. We will fund and install safety equipment and train the staff in health and safety procedures in Burshtyn and Lviv, Ukraine. Our goal is to expand to the rest of Western Ukraine and eventually the whole country.

The second effort will be focused on developing skills that will further increase the opportunities of the youth to be part of the future global workforce.

We will select a small group, 5 to 7 people, of motivated individuals with high potential from the institutions we are working with and develop a 3 years programming and English bootcamp that will teach them technology skills and allow them to insert in the global labor market.

I hope I succeeded in sparking your interest in our mission.

If you are interested in making our vision a reality, reach me on Twitter.

Take care,

Marcelo Ruiz de Olano

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